Monday, February 19, 2007

Packet Design's Traffic Explorer Maps Applications and CoS

Packet Design has enhanced its Traffic Explorer IP traffic-analysis system with the ability to monitor and analyze traffic by specific applications and classes of service (CoS) on all links in the network. The system combines traffic-flow and CoS data with network-wide "path awareness" to reveal the consequences of routing changes on application and service delivery that are otherwise hidden inside the IP network "cloud."

Packet Design said the original version of its Traffic Explorer, which was introduced in March 2006, showed aggregated traffic volumes on a network topology map. Traffic Explorer 2.0 classifies the traffic to reveal its composition -- by application, class of service or other user-defined category such as location or department. Enterprises can now tie application performance problems to their network-specific causes, such as a poorly performing SAP application stemming from a misconfigured router or degraded VoIP call quality resulting from a failed link or router that has shifted traffic onto an already heavily loaded route.

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