Sunday, February 11, 2007

Orange, TI and ViaAccess Collaborate on Mobile TV Conditional Access

Texas Instruments is working with mobile operator Orange and Viaccess, which specializes in the secure distribution of digital media content, to provide content and access protection for broadcast TV on a mobile device.

The solution combines devices powered by TI's OMAP processor with its integrated M-Shield technology with Viaccess' Conditional Access system.

Orange is able to deploy protected mobile TV content over the wireless network.

TI's standards-compliant M-Shield security technology provides the high security levels needed to protect both the execution of the conditional access application and the system-level handset security, while the OMAP processor itself meets the performance and power requirements of the decrypted mobile TV content.

Viaccess' Conditional Access gives mobile handsets the capability to support multiple distribution models for mobile television, including TV channel bouquet subscription, a la carte subscription, pay-per-minute and pay-per-view.