Sunday, February 4, 2007

Nominum Optimizes DNS for Wireless Quality of Experience

Nominum announced its entry into the wireless telecommunications sector with enhancements to its DNS foundation engines. These include:

  • DNS cache pre-fetching -- Nominum's new proprietary 'smart algorithm' re-fetches DNS information just prior to it expiring in the cache. By pre-fetching DNS information before it expires, networks are more responsive and thus capable of supporting users as they load Web sites with rich and distributed content -- for example social networking or Web 2.0 sites.

  • DNS upstream optimization -- Nominum's DNS servers have been enhanced to optimize the upstream traffic to authoritative servers around the Internet. This makes more efficient usage of the carriers' network resources and reduces the negative impact of slow or non-responsive authoritative servers.

  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS) performance enhancements -- Dynamic DNS updates enable Nominum's solutions to keep pace in real-time with address changes as mobile devices, such as Internet-enabled smart phones and laptops, come on to or leave the network. By absorbing the load created by new devices that connect to the network, Nominum said its enhanced Dynamic DNS functionality ensures that networks maintain high levels of performance for both existing and new users.

Nominum noted that when benchmarked against BIND, the most widely used open source DNS server, its foundation engines deliver a seven-fold better DDNS update performance, zero packet loss, and reduced upstream traffic by 25%.


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