Sunday, February 18, 2007

Net Insight Introduces Access/Edge Switch for DTV

Net Insight introduced its Nimbra 360 multiservice access/edge switch, integrating the transport of Digital Terrestrial and Mobile Television services with transfer of highly accurate timing information, thereby eliminating the need for GPS receivers.

The switch offers four built-in multirate SONET/SDH SFP ports and one Gigabit Ethernet port. In addition, up to 16 DVB-ASI ports or other combinations of multiservice access and trunk interfaces are available using the two slots for plug-in modules.

Net Insight said its built-in GbE interface and Ethernet multicast features make the solution very suitable for IPTV distribution or WiFi/WiMAX aggregation. The same platform can also be used for mobile TV whether distributed over IP or ASI MPEG.

DTT and Mobile TV often require a single frequency network (SFN) where the transmitter stations must be synchronized to send their signals at exactly the same time. Nimbra 360 has a time transfer capability that allows highly accurate distribution of real time over the same network that carries the video signals.