Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ixia Launches Test Suite for Mobile IPv6

Ixia introduced a conformance test suite for Mobile Ipv6 as part of its IxANVL test product.

Ixia said its IxANVL conformance test suite with Mobile IPv6 support can run over either its Optixia test platform or on stand-alone PC platforms. Ixia's IxANVL test suite emulates Mobile IPv6-capable nodes or routers at the control plane level, and executes an extensive set of test scenarios to determine how the device under test complies with Mobile IPv6 standards. In addition, IxANVL test suites are designed to validate various IPv6 transition mechanisms and routing protocols. Ixia's test suite also tests problems due to incompatibility between legacy IPv4 infrastructure and multiple vendors' IPv6 systems under realistic load conditions.

Ixia supports IPv6 testing across its product line. Ixia's IxLoad triple play test capability validates network performance and device interoperability running voice, video and stateful data traffic over IPv6 networks. IxChariot verifies end-to-end performance metrics of IPv6 networks by simulating stateful Layer 4 through Layer 7 application traffic. IxNetwork provides a framework for executing large capacity performance and scalability testing, including a variety of IPv6 routing protocols and DHCPv6.

Ixia's Mobile IPv6 test suite will be available in Q2 2007.