Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ixia Expands its 3G Test with FMC Capabilities

Ixia has enhanced its IxMobile 3G telephony test solution with new capabilities that allow both wireless handset and media gateway manufacturers to test interoperability with key codecs used in fixed mobile convergence and 3G video telephony applications.

Specifically, IxMobile has now added GSM-AMR-WB and H.264 to its library of supported codecs. Additional functionality introduced to IxMobile includes integrated RF measurements, subjective audio and video media quality metrics to measure network impact on calls.

IxMobile is an operational test platform that emulates video telephony terminals communicating with handsets under test for protocol analysis, conformance and interoperability testing. Wireless handset manufacturers use IxMobile to develop and test 3G video applications, while network operators use IxMobile for handset interoperability testing and acceptance as well as video telephony network optimization, to continually assess and improve quality of experience for their customers.