Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ixia Enhances SSL Security Testing Capabilities

Ixia introduced new SSL security testing capabilities in its IxLoad - Triple Play test solution that result in performance gains of more than 300 percent. IxLoad now harnesses dedicated security processors on Ixia's Encryption Load Module (ELM) to enable increases in SSL throughput and connection rates. Additional improvements include updated encryption algorithms to increase the range of encryption strengths that can be tested, and customizable security certificate selection for greater flexibility.

IxLoad emulates IPTV and Triple Play subscribers and associated protocols to ensure subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE). Protocols supported include video protocols like MPEG, IGMP, and RTSP; voice protocols like SIP and MGCP; and data protocols like HTTP, FTP, and SMTP. In addition, IxLoad can be used to test critical aspects of the infrastructure like DNS, DHCP, and AAA services, as well generate malicious traffic to test for security.


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