Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Global Crossing Expands VoIP Access in Europe, Asia

Global Crossing has expanded local access in Europe and Asia to support the rising demand for its "Ready-Access" audio collaboration services.

Global Crossing now provides local access to its Ready-Access service in 31 cities throughout Europe over its VoIP network. In Asia, Global Crossing is offering access to its collaboration services via its VoIP network in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand.

The VoIP network represents a more cost-effective way to connect to Ready-Access, and it delivers a higher quality of service for a better overall customer experience. Global Crossing said development is currently is under way to deliver additional access alternatives in Europe and Asia in 2007.

Global Crossing also noted that in 2006, its worldwide collaboration traffic increased by more than 35 percent compared with 2005.