Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ericsson Opens Experience Center Prototype Lab in Plano

Ericsson has opened an "Experience Prototype Lab" at its North American headquarters in Plano, Texas. The facility is one of Ericsson's three global Experience Centers, which provide critical facilities for exploring, testing and refining new IP-based communications solutions. Ericsson said customers will get to take a vital look at "working" technology and can engage in the process of assessing various solutions. The Prototype Lab is also intended to seed the growth of Ericsson's technology ecosystem. For example, Ericsson is developing network architecture that addresses the security of IP-based communications, an important issue that is not fully addressed by standards bodies. The company's work developing security applications such as encryption and two-way authentication will serve industries such as financial services and healthcare. In addition to Prototype Lab, Ericsson also operates an Experience Center in Plano to showcase the latest in network solutions and applications for operators and end users.


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