Monday, February 19, 2007

DiVitas Debuts Mobile-to-Mobile Enterprise Convergence Solution

DiVitas Networks, a start-up based in Mountain View, California, unveiled a mobile-to-mobile convergence solution that provides enterprises with seamless roaming and WiFi-cellular handoffs.

The DiVitas solution consists of a Mobile Convergence Appliance (MCA) deployed inside the enterprise and a Mobile Convergence Client(MCC) embedded in the handset. It works with existing PBX-based voice systems or in a standalone configuration and interoperates with any WLAN infrastructure. It supports dual-mode phones, WiFi-only phones, cellular-only smartphones, and softphones. It also provides access to enterprise applications, such as email, presence, IM, CRM, and others, over any network.

DiVitas said its MMC solution helps organizations increase the productivity of the entire corporate workforce by providing a cost-efficient solution for continuous and seamless mobile communications. A DiVitas MCA 1000 with a 10-user MCC license starts at $5,495 US list price and is available today worldwide.

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