Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Deutsche Telekom Renews Focus on Broadband and Mobile Internet

Deutsche Telekom will center is long-term strategy on broadband services and the mobile Internet, said company CEO René Obermann, speaking at a press conference in Bonn.

Key points of the strategy include:

  • Simplifying the company's branding. T-Home will offer services for the home and T-Mobile for on the move. The new brand portfolio will be rounded off in Germany with a second brand comprising mobile communications and DSL offerings specifically aimed at extremely cost-conscious customers and launched before the summer holidays.

  • Securing the Group's competitiveness in its home market of Germany. "Germany is our most important market. The best successes abroad are only of limited use if we don't get business on our home market under control."

  • International expansion. DT intends to expand in the mobile communications sector, potentially also in new markets and regions. This might be accomplished through strategic acquisitions that would be partially financed by the sale of non-strategic business units. Specifically under review are the T-Systems Media & Broadcast unit (a service provider for the broadcasting and media industry), DeTeImmobilien (real estate), Club Internet and (the Internet companies in France and Spain) along with radio towers in Germany and the United States, plus the remaining shares in the real estate company Sireo.

  • DT hopes to have 1.5 million IPTV users by 2010.

"The Group intends to grow in the mobile communications and fixed-network market for consumers in the coming years, particularly on the strength of broadband offerings, said Obermann.


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