Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Cisco Updates Mobile Content Services Gateway

Cisco introduced the second generation of its he Content Services Gateway (CSG2) for delivering intelligent service control and enablement at the edge of the mobile internet.

The Cisco CSG2 platform enables mobile content billing, content filtering, service control, traffic analysis, and data mining for mobile network operators. Deployed on a Cisco 7600 line card, the Cisco CSG2 system can simultaneously manage several hundreds of thousands of active mobile users, process more than a million concurrent sessions per second, and manage several gigabits per second of bandwidth.

The Cisco CSG2 system provides two major new functions that providers need to manage and monetize mobile content services:

  • Dynamic mobile content examination and access control - which enables mobile service providers to meet the needs of customers for parental control, satisfy corporate usage policies, and comply with social and regulatory requirements; and

  • Flexible, application-aware billing - which enables providers to offer differentiated charges for services by volume, duration, byte, event and other parameters.

Cisco said the new CSG2 platform can be used to apply advanced processing of IP flows through dynamic application-layer content examination, subscriber service access control, subscriber account balance enforcement, and content filtering.

The Cisco CSG2 platform will be available starting in March 2007 at a list price ranging from $55,000 to $245,000 USD depending on the level of functionality needed.