Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Broadcom Launches Low Cost Mobile TV Cellular Handset Chips

Broadcom launched a new mobile television reference design platform for manufacturers that plan to integrate mobile TV into their handset designs. The new Broadcom platform includes integrated mobile TV software and a reference application. The solution consists Broadcom's BCM2724 VideoCore mobile multimedia processor, the BCM2124 GPRS/GSM baseband processor and the BCM2045 Bluetooth transceiver with enhanced data rate (EDR) technology. The Broadcom VideoCore processor performs multimedia processing, while the baseband processor provides GPRS and GSM connectivity to the cellular network.

Broadcom said its reference design supports the terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB) standard (a digital radio transmission system for sending multimedia to mobile devices) at the mobile television front-end. Using Broadcom's mobile TV middleware, the current design can be adapted to other mobile broadcast standards, such as DVB-H, by substituting an appropriate front-end tuner/demodulator. The VideoCore multimedia processor also features MPEG-4 VGA or H.264 CIF video encoding/decoding at 30 frames per second and TV output. http://www.broadcom.com