Monday, February 12, 2007

Boingo Offers Unlimited Wi-Fi Phone Roaming Access for $7.95 Month

Boingo Wireless launched the first global Wi-Fi Internet service aimed specifically at Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones and devices.

Boingo Mobile provides global hotspot access for Wi-Fi enabled handsets for a monthly flat rate of USD $7.95. Boingo partner locations include airports, hotels, restaurants and convention centers worldwide.

The Boingo Mobile software is a client application that enables automatic connection and roaming authentication to more than 150 different Wi-Fi network operators around the world. It is currently available for Windows Mobile 5.0-based Smartphones or Pocket PC devices.

The new Boingo Mobile service is also currently available to users of Belkin's Wi-Fi Phone for Skype. Boingo is also working with Nokia to showcase the company's Symbian-based S60 phones using Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi access.

Boingo anticipates additional Wi-Fi enabled devices -- mobile/cellular handsets, VoIP phones, mobile gaming consoles, MP3 players and digital cameras -- will be available with integrated Boingo Mobile service in the near future.

"Wi-Fi enabled phones just became a whole lot more useful," said Tim Farrell, Boingo vice president for product management & professional services."

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