Sunday, February 4, 2007

AudioCodes Adds Video to IMS-compliant Media Server

AudioCodes has added video capabilities into its IPmedia family of IMS-compliant Media Servers (MRFP's in IMS terminology). Audiocodes said the newly introduced video capabilities will enable service providers and network equipment providers (NEPs) the ability to provide integrated video and audio services such as video conferencing, video messaging over multimedia messaging service (MMS) and downloading of video clips and content. It will also allow offering person-to-person and service-to-person video streaming of content among other potential applications.

AudioCodes IPmedia product line of media servers supports transcoding and transrating for many types of end devices over cellular, Wi-Fi, and fixed networks. It offers audio/video processing for the media resource function (MRF) component of the IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) architecture as well as non-IMS applications.

The IPmedia Video supports transcoding, transrating /bit rate adaptation, video re-sizing and video mixing of industry standard video codecs including MPEG4/H.263.

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