Monday, February 19, 2007

Aruba Targets Large-scale, Secure Mobile Networking

Aruba Networks released an updated version of its operating system and application engine with new capabilities designed to provide enterprises with a global mobility domain that is scalable, multi-service, integrated with existing security infrastructure, and intelligently managed. New features include:

  • Virtual Mobile Networks -- Combines the benefits of centralized control with localized management capabilities

  • Management Contexts -- Enables delegation of management rights for various physical equipment and service to appropriate administrators

  • Bandwidth Control -- Resolves the issue of slow clients and allows per-SSID service level agreements

  • Voice Management and Control -- Expands scalability and performance and provides detailed monitoring and management for Voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi) services

  • Security Services Integration -- Allows easy integration of existing security devices and infrastructure with the Aruba mobility network

The Aruba Mobile Edge Architecture is designed to deliver secure mobility beyond basic wireless LAN (WLAN) connectivity, providing consistent network services to a user at headquarters and wherever the user roams, including branch locations, partner sites and home offices.

Aruba said many of the features in ArubaOS 3.1 and MMS 2.0 were developed to address the needs of large enterprises, such as Ohio State University, which is building one of the world's largest wireless LANs comprising up to 10,000 access points and using an Aruba Networks solution. The University has found that the prevailing WLAN models for delivering multiple services using multiple logical networks or SSIDs just does not scale to networks of its size.