Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Arianespace Replaces Sea Launch for Hughes' SPACEWAY 3 Broadband Satellite

Arianespace was selected to launch the SPACEWAY 3 communications satellite for Hughes from the Guiana Space Center in August 2007.

Hughes Network Systems will operate the all Ka-band SPACEWAY 3 satellite as part of its new broadband satellite network that will provide multimedia services throughout North America.

SPACEWAY 3 will combine on-board switching and spot beams to enable on-demand services. The satellite is being built by Boeing Satellites Systems.

http://www.arianespace.comIn December 2005, Hughes Network System (HNS) awarded a launch services contract to Sea Launch for the launch of the SPACEWAY 3 satellite projected for early 2007.

On January 30, 2006 Sea Launch suffered a failed launch of the NSS-8 spacecraft from its Odyssey Platform in the equatorial Pacific. The Odyssey Launch Platform has sustained damage from the event.