Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Alcatel-Lucent Adds IP Dedicated Recording to IP-PBX

Alcatel-Lucent announced a new IP dedicated recording (IP DRlink) interface for its OmniPCX Enterprise IP PBX. The IP DRlink enables Alcatel- Lucent's IP phones to be connected to voice loggers and quality management systems for voice recording in call center, financial trading floor, public safety and other enterprise applications.

The company said the use of voice recording systems helps not only to ensure quality customer service, but also allows enterprises and governments to implement a wide range of business improvements including customer and emergency call audit and analysis.

The IP DRlink is a processing module for OmniPCX Enterprise servers that facilitates recording of inbound and outbound calls as well as internal calls, conference and contact center calls. A single OmniPCX Enterprise server with an IP DRlink can support up to 16 voice loggers with a capacity to record thousands IP phones simultaneously depending on the configuration. The module is compatible with the Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch Series 8 phones and with Alcatel-Lucent's OmniTouch and OmniGenesys contact center solutions.