Sunday, February 4, 2007

Akamai to Acquire Netli for Application Acceleration

Akamai Technologies agree to acquire Netli, a global service provider that specializes in accelerating applications and content over the Internet. Under the deal, Akamai will acquire all of the outstanding equity of Netli in exchange for approximately 3.2 million shares of Akamai common stock, subject to certain closing adjustments.

Netli, which is based in Mountain View, California, offers a "NetLightning" service that provides high availability, secure, transparent access to Web applications with global sub-second response times. The service is designed address the problems of performance and reliability for HTTP and SSL based Web applications while enabling consolidation to a single data center for global access.

Netli's service uses the company's globally distributed Virtual Data Centers (VDCs), global DNS redirection and IP address mapping system, a proprietary high-performance long-haul transport protocol and content optimization software. NetLightning customers delegate the DNS processing for a Web application to Netli. When an end user accesses an application, the browser is transparently redirected to the nearest Virtual Data Center, where it is converted from TCP to Netli's long-haul optimized transport protocol. Netli software at an Application Access Point (AAP) converts the optimized protocols back to standard HTTP for the final, short connection to the customer's Web application servers.

Akamai said it will combine Netli's high performance communications protocol with own global scale and its ability to route Internet traffic around points of congestion. This will enable enterprises to improve the performance of dynamic, highly-interactive applications such as customer portals, collaboration platforms, e-learning environments, and business-to-business commerce.

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