Sunday, January 28, 2007

World Wide Packets Adds Provider Backbone Transport (PBT) Support

World Wide Packets is now supporting Provider Backbone Transport (PBT) through its LightningEdge 311v platform (LE-311v).

PBT is a means of Ethernet tunneling with MPLS interoperability.

World Wide Packets LE-311v, a Layer 2 VPN platform, also supports transparent LAN Services delivered over Ethernet or over MPLS. With the addition of PBT, the LE-311v will simplify the network and enable service providers to drive down the overall costs of deployment which allows for the generation of new revenue by offering optimal services at a fraction of the cost.

"PBT is quickly becoming part of the next generation of Carrier Ethernet delivery. Therefore, we are committed to supporting PBT in our current and future offerings and will continue to work closely with customers to integrate these services into their architectures," said Kevin Daines, CTO, World Wide Packets.

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