Sunday, January 7, 2007

Verizon Unveils Verizon One Home Communications Hub

Verizon introduced a second generation version of its home communications hub. The FiOS-generation of the Verizon One device features a digital cordless phone mounted on a tablet-sized base.

Using the device, FiOS customers can access their e-mail and voice mail; log into personal calendars and address books; consult movie listings; and check the latest news and weather. Additional features planned for the future would allow customers to access traffic reports; order a pizza or movie tickets online; and send memos or text messages to family members.

Services will be available through a combined, built-in WiFi and Ethernet connection to allow access to Internet-based content. Multiple USB ports will be added to accommodate the peripheral devices. Software developed by Verizon will seamlessly connect telephone and online functions to the new device, which can be located any place in the customer's home where there is access to a phone jack and an electrical outlet.

The Verizon One device, which is expected to be available this spring, is provided under a multi-year contract with OpenPeak, a leading developer of converged technology products.

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