Monday, January 22, 2007

Tundra's SLE Develops Interlaken Interconnect Protocol IP Core

Silicon Logic Engineering Inc. (SLE), a division of Tundra Semiconductor, has developed a licensable Interlaken protocol IP core for use in ASIC or FPGA designs. SLE's Interlaken IP Core is scalable, with early versions providing from 10Gbps to 60+Gbps bandwidth across the interface. Future versions will provide over 120Gbps of bandwidth. Target applications include network switches, routers and storage equipment. The scalability is achieved through the combination of the SERDES speed (3.125Gbps to 6.375Gbps) and a variable number of SERDES lanes (1 to 24).

The open Interlaken specification was co-written by Cortina Systems and Cisco Systems to provide a far more scalable chip-to-chip interface protocol than previous protocols. Interlaken combines the advantages of the popular SPI4.2 and XAUI interfaces by building on the channelization and per channel flow control features of SPI4.2, and reducing the number of chip I/O pins by using high speed SERDES technology, similar to XAUI.


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