Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tropos Signs 500th Wireless Mesh Customer

Tropos Networks has reached the 500 customer milestone for its metro-scale wireless mesh network systems. The company said its Q4CY05 to Q4CY06 node shipments grew by more than 120%.

In 2006, Tropos added more than 200 new customers including:
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Rock Hill, South Carolina; Southaven,
Mississippi; Pasadena, California; and Rome, Georgia. The latest customer is Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Tropos expects the vibrant market growth to continue. Citing figures from
Muniwireless, Tropos said the number of planned but not yet deployed municipal Wi-Fi networks grew from 59 in February 2006 to 135 in September 2006. St. Paul, Minnesota; Houston, Texas; Denver, Colorado; San Antonio, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois and a host of smaller cities have issued RFPs for the construction of metro-scale
Wi-Fi networks where the winners have yet to be announced. Based on
this information, Tropos expects the metro-scale Wi-Fi market to at
least double in 2007.

Tropos also released network utilization statistics reported by the Tropos Insight analysis and control system, along with subscriber satisfaction surveys. Those statistics reveal that in a 10 to 15 square mile city, Tropos typically sees 20% to 25% household penetration (on par with DSL plus cable broadband penetration), 1,550 steady daily users, and an average of 2,640 users per week. These users generally download, in aggregate, more than 100 GBytes per day. In addition, user surveys show that 70% or more of the respondents typically rate the network service as good to excellent, a percentage that compares favorably to cellular telephony.


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