Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Time Warner Telecom Calls for Equality in Pole Attachment Fees

Time Warner Telecom filed papers with the FCC seeking the elimination of discriminatory regulations governing fees charged for pole attachments for fiber optic cable that delivers vital broadband communications services to businesses.

Time Warner Telecom argues that under current FCC pricing rules, utilities are charging "telecommunications carrier" broadband services providers, like Time Warner Telecom, up to 272 percent more than non-telecommunications carrier competitors to deploy fiber optic infrastructure. This occurs even though telecommunications carrier attachments impose no greater costs or burdens on pole owners than the attachments of non-telecommunications carriers that are subject to lower rates.

The unreasonable discrimination of pole attachment fees is flatly inconsistent with the requirement in the 1996 Telecommunication Act that utilities charge "non-discriminatory rates" for pole attachments. It is also inconsistent with the FCC's stated policy that federal regulations should establish a "level playing field" for all providers of broadband services.


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