Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Symmetricom Acquires QoSmetrics

Symmetricom agreed to acquire QoSmetrics, a privately held provider of QoE solutions for IPTV and other triple play services, for $16 million in cash.

QoSmetrics offers a broad base of tools to measure key IP Performance Metrics (IPPM), as well as to monitor VoIP and video-based data streams. The products provide real time, multi-protocol, end-to-end monitoring and diagnostic capabilities that enable service providers to troubleshoot and often prevent network issues.

Symmetricom said the acquisition would enhance its position in emerging areas of the global telecommunications industry by providing those service providers with the tools and monitoring capabilities necessary to maximize QoE for end users of triple play services.

QoSmetrics was founded in 1999 and maintains corporate and R&D facilities in Camarillo, California and in Paris, France.



  • Symmetricom specializes in timing solutions, delivering precision, reliability and efficiency to wireline and wireless networks, instrumentation and testing applications and network time management. The company's synchronization solutions include primary reference sources, building integrated timing supplies (BITS), GPS timing receivers, time and frequency distribution systems, network time servers and ruggedized oscillators. Symmetricom also incorporates technologies including Universal Timing Interface (UTI), Network Time Protocol (NTP), Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588), and others supporting the world's migration to Next Generation Networks (NGN).


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