Monday, January 22, 2007

Spain's Jazztel Launches VOD with Kasenna's PortalTV

Jazztel has launched a video-on-demand (VOD) service across Spain using Kasenna's PortalTV product suite. The deployment, which involved more than more that 50 of Kasenna's video servers, was implemented by Kasenna authorized reseller Telindus.

Jazztel operates a nationwide IPTV network. The new Videoclub service uses Kasenna's MediaBase Video Server platform to deliver H.264 video streaming, and by vFusion, Kasenna's content distribution software that allows Jazztel to optimize storage between a centralized server and streaming edge servers.

Videoclub will offer all customers of Jazztelia TV access to free and pre-paid content, which the subscriber will be able to choose from a catalogue of new releases. In addition, Videoclub has a recommendation and novelty section, enabling the customer to always know the new content that can be accessed that month.

Jazztel plans to add NPVR (Network Personal Video Recorder) to its network. The first phase has been implemented already across all of Spain's largest cities, serving more than 100,000 simultaneous subscribers.


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