Monday, January 8, 2007

Slingbox Targets Social Networking with Clip + Sing

Sling Media, which offers the Slingbox place-shifting device, introduced a new technology called "Clip+Sling" that lets Slingbox customers share short segments of programming, live or recorded, with other Slingbox customers as well as the Web users at-large.

Clip+Sling is a feature that will be built into both the desktop and mobile versions of SlingPlayer software.

Customers will need a Slingbox to publish clips, but the content will be posted to an interactive portal accessible by anyone.

Beta testing is underway.

"How many times have you been watching one of your favorite shows or a big sporting event and couldn't believe what you had just seen and wished there was a way to share that moment with others? With Clip+Sling you now can do just that," said Blake Krikorian, co-Founder, chairman and CEO of Sling Media.

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