Monday, January 29, 2007

Seagate's DAVE platform Offers 10-20GB of Mobile Storage

Seagate Technology unveiled its Digital Audio Video Experience (D.A.V.E) technology -- previously code-named "Crickett" -- offering 10-20 GB of wireless storage in an accessory smaller than many common slim-line mobile phones. The DAVE mobile platform is about the size of a centimeter-thick credit card and connects to the owner's mobile phone using Bluetooth or WiFi.

Seagate said the 10GB version will hold about 2,500 songs or 21 hours of video. A rechargeable lithium ion battery delivers up to 10 hours of media-streaming performance and up to 14 days of standby power.

In addition to the hard drive, the DAVE also incorporates an application processor from Marvell. Seagate will be releasing an open API development kit to encourage third-party applications.

  • In December 2006, Agere Systems unveiled its BluOnyx Mobile Content Server, a new consumer product category designed to un-tether users from the PC and stationary storage devices by giving them access to content and applications in a portable device. It incorporates a choice of Flash storage or HDD, along with an application processor.

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