Sunday, January 7, 2007

SanDisk Backs "Flash DVD Player" for Porting Content from PC to TV

SanDisk is promoting the concept of using a small, Flash-based media player/drive as a convenient way to transfer digital media files, including downloaded movies, from a broadband-enabled PC to a TV.

A new USBTV Forum is being formed to stimulate industry-wide acceptance by consumer electronics manufacturers, TV and display manufacturers, content providers and related technology companies.

At CES in Las Vegas, SanDisk demonstrated a product concept that employs a TV cradle and a remote control, allowing USBTV to connect to a TV set. The device uses a multimedia processor that converts the stored files into various TV video/audio formats for direct playback on virtually any TV without the need for any changes to the TV set.

The first pocket-sized players, expected to be available this spring, allow consumers to access an on-screen guide where they can pick and choose from content they've stored on the USBTV player and play it on a TV.

SanDisk said it has consulted with LG Electronics, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, Pioneer Electronics on product requirements. Other companies contributing to USBTV initiatives include Akimbo Systems and Movielink is also working closely with the Forum to enhance concepts focused on supporting and protecting movies and other rights-managed video content.


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