Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Redback Names Dr. Alan Lippman as Chief Video Architect

Redback announced the appointment of Dr. Alan Lippman as chief video architect and director of technology planning.

Dr. Lippman is known for his work developing streaming audio and video technology. He was one of the first five employees at RealNetworks, and was one of the original creators of RealAudio and RealVideo, which have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times. He was the first member of the development team for RealAudio, and served as chief engineer and as a key developer for all major product releases for RealVideo through 2001. At RealNetworks, Dr. Lippman was the principal architect behind the real-time encoding and decoding of audio and video on the web that later became known as "streaming media."

Dr. Lippman holds a BSM in Mathematics from the University of Washington, which he received at the age of 14, and graduated at 18 with a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Brown University. Before working as a software developer, Lippman worked as an oceanographer, studying climate change and predicting significant weather events.


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