Monday, January 22, 2007

Radialpoint Enables Windows Vista Compatible Managed Security Service

Radialpoint, which provides managed Internet services to broadband service providers (BSPs), introduced its next-gen Security Value Added Services (VAS), offering Windows Vista compatibility and enhancements to its Virus Protection, Spyware Protection, Fraud Protection, Parental Controls, and Personal Firewall services.

Radialpoint is also introducing two new services - PC Optimizer and Backup & Restore - to address consumer concerns regarding computer slowdown and data loss. PC Optimizer is an automated, fully managed service that, by reversing the clutter that slows down PCs over time, greatly improves performance for faster application access, Web surfing, security scanning, and startup. PC Optimizer also features disk and registry defragmentation technology.

Radialpoint Security VAS are available as a managed, re-branded services for BSPs.


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