Monday, January 1, 2007

Pacific Cables Damaged in Undersea Earthquake

An earthquake off the southern tip of Taiwan damaged several undersea cable networks, disrupting telecom and Internet traffic across Asia.

Cables damaged by the earthquake and its aftershocks included:

  • the SMW3 cable, S1.8 (Fangshan - BU4) and S1.7 (BU3 - BU4)

  • the China-US cable, including segment W1 (Shantou - ChongMing) & segment S1 (Shantou - Okinawa/SLO), and segment W2 (spur to Fangshan).

  • the APCN cable, system 1 segment B17 (Hong Kong branch)

  • the APCN2 cable, system 2 Segment B5 (Taiwan Branch), segment 7 (Tanshui - Shantou) & segment 3 (Hong Kong - ChongMing)

  • the FLAG FEA cable, including sub-system 8 (Hong Kong - Shanghai - Korea)

  • the RNAL cable, including the Hong Kong - Busan cable, and the Hong Kong - Toucheng segment.

On January 2, Hong Kong's Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) said major ISPs had recovered about 80% of their international connection capacity. Some real-time applications such as IP telephony may continue to be adversely affected by excessive response times. Major repairs are now expected to be completed in late January or February.