Sunday, January 28, 2007

Orange "Unik for Professionals" Combines Fixed/Mobile Telephony

Orange introduced a "Unik for Professionals" fixed and mobile telephony service for business customers. "Unik for Professionals" uses a GSM/WiFi mobile phone that connects via WiFi to a Livebox Pro gateway when inside the office.

With the Livebox Pro, Orange is offering unlimited 24/7 calling to all national and international landlines (Europe, USA and Canada).

Orange said that calls started through the Livebox Pro can continue outside on the GSM network with no interruption. The user is kept informed of which network is being used by a symbol on the phone display. Calls initiated at the workplace are therefore included in the unlimited offer, even once the call has switched over to the mobile network. Calls initiated away from the workplace are deducted from the customer's usual Orange mobile minutes.

The Unik for Professionals contract is offered as a limited edition to 10,000 subscribers in mainland France until April 18th 2007, at a price of EUR15.88 excl. VAT per month. Customers must already have an Orange broadband connection (minimum 1 megamax), a Livebox and must acquire a Unik-compatible handset (UMA technology).

Orange is currently offering three UMA handsets: the Nokia 6136, the Samsung P200 and soon the Motorola A910 with a reimbursement offer of EUR 30.

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