Thursday, January 18, 2007

Netopia and Ubiquisys Partner on FMC Residential Gateways

Netopia and Ubiquisys announced a partnership to accelerate the development of the femtocell market.

Femtocells are cellular access points for mobile operators looking to provide enhanced 3G mobile coverage within homes and small businesses.

Ubiquisys offers a "ZoneGate" cellular access system that sits on a customer's home network, behind a broadband gateway.

The companies noted that mass-market femtocell adoption will require advanced service activation and management technology. To deliver such a system, Ubiquisys is enhancing its ZoneGate access point to support the TR-069 specification and is working with Netopia to create a zero-touch, fully managed software solution that utilizes Netopia's NBBS TR-069 platform. NBBS is a standards-based management system that supports the DSL Forum's TR-069 specification for the remote management of customer premises equipment.

The ZoneGate access point will be shipped to customers with an active SIM card. Once connected to a customer's home network, the access point will first authenticate with the wireless carrier, and then connect to the Netopia NBBS management server hosted by the mobile operator. Based on the customer's service profile, the appropriate configurations will then be automatically downloaded to the access point. Finally, the access point will be tuned to the optimal settings for the particular home environment, and the customer's individual account will be activated. This all occurs without the intervention of either the mobile operator or the customer.