Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Navini Demos Smart Beamforming on Mobile WiMAX

Navini Networks demonstrated Smart beamforming on its "Ripwave" MX mobile WiMAX platform. Navini is applying the idea of beamforming to MIMO, delivering what it calls "Smart MIMO". The company said its combination of Smart beamforming and Smart MIMO enables "Smart WiMAX".

"Beamforming and MIMO are complementary. Beamforming enhances the performance of both MIMO A and B and provides crucial uplink performance that MIMO does not. Furthermore, beamforming makes MIMO practical. Without beamforming, MIMO B performance in many situations is suboptimal at best and non-existent at worst. Smart MIMO takes away that uncertainty allows MIMO B to work in all situations. From Navini's perspective having both (beamforming and MIMO) is always better," said Sai Subramanian, VP, Strategic Marketing and Product Management for Navini Networks.

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