Wednesday, January 24, 2007

JDSU Introduces Remote Test Unit for Optical Networks

JDSU introduced a rack-mounted, remote test unit for its optical network management system (ONMS) that integrates the latest optical time-domain reflectometry (OTDR) and optical switch technologies. The new OTU-8000, which is based on JDSU's MTS/T-BERD 8000, can test hundreds of fiber links within a large (40,000 km2) area and report any faults relative to the nearest physical landmark.

The OTU-8000 can house two field-interchangeable OTDR modules and monitors active fibers using a 1625nm module designed to take into account factors such as the Raman effect of the optical amplifier. The dual-power feeds provide an alternate power input in the event of one power source failure. All configurations are saved on the OTU-8000's solid state disk, and when the server is not available alarms can still be sent directly to the user via e- mail or SMS.


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