Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ixia Enhances IxChariot

Ixia released an enhanced version of its IxChariot tool for simulating real-world applications to predict network infrastructure performance. The new IxChariot 6.40 supports multiple clock synchronization techniques, including external clock synchronization to Network Time Protocol (NTP) Stratum-0 clock sources such as GPS-based clocks. This provides more accurate video and audio media quality measurements using one-way delay, jitter and MOS scores enabling both large enterprises and service providers to better manage their SLAs and improve Quality of Experience for their customers. IxChariot 6.40 also includes Auto-Recovery of tests when errors are caused by network conditions. Ixia said this enables more reliable testing of large-scale, unpredictable networks such as those carrying IP services over wireless.

In addition to enhanced clock synchronization, IxChariot 6.40 includes support for Microsoft's Windows Vista OS. With a new Windows Vista-specific endpoint, including support for the new qWAVE Quality of Service API, device and application vendors now have a tool to test and qualify their devices for this next generation OS.
IxChariot 6.40 also supports the OpenWrt open operating system, based on Linux, for embedded devices.


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