Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Intelsat Cites Restoration Role Following Taiwan Undersea Fiber Cuts

Intelsat said it was able to restore services for many voice, video and data providers following the 26-Dec-2006 undersea earthquake off the coast of Taiwan. The earthquake severed six major undersea fiber optic cables, disrupting telecommunications throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Intelsat restored traffic to customers in Asia and the Middle East through its flexible satellite network and its GlobalConnex Managed Network Services infrastructure. Traffic delivery to the area has primarily used Intelsat's teleports and its six satellites serving the Asia-Pacific region. Specifically, Intelsat reestablished international and intra-regional links for more than 20 telecommunications operators, broadcasters and network service providers.

In one case, Intelsat was able to establish a new 56 Mbps of Internet service for a Southeast Asian telecommunications provider within four hours after the fiber outage.

Intelsat said the event illustrates the importance of satellites during and after natural disasters.