Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ikanos Supplies VDSL2 to Leading Korean Vendors

Korean VDSL equipment manufacturers Millinet Co., Ltd. and Ubiquoss Corp. have selected the Ikanos multi-mode VDSL2 central office (CO) and customer premises equipment (CPE) chipsets. This enables Millinet and Ubiquoss to offer products capable of symmetrical speeds of up to 100 Mbps that support infrastructure upgrades to VDSL2 now underway in Korea.

Ikanos said its FxTM100100-5 VDSL2 CO and FxTM100100S-5 VDSL2 CPE chipsets offer the lowest power consumption per port in the industry. The multi-mode VDSL2 chipsets -- which are optimized for IPTV and triple play offerings -- also are backwards compatible with VDSL1 solutions currently in use in Korea.


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