Thursday, January 25, 2007

IBM and Partners Announces Transistor Design Advancement

IBM, working in partnership with AMD, Sony and Toshiba, announced its own advancement in "high-k metal gate" transistor technology. The material provides superior electrical properties compared to its existing designs, enhancing the transistor's function while also allowing the size of the transistor to be shrunk beyond limits being reached today.

"Until now, the chip industry was facing a major roadblock in terms of how far we could push current technology," said Dr. T.C. Chen, vice president of Science and Technology, IBM Research. "After more than ten years of effort, we now have a way forward. With chip technology so pervasive in our everyday lives, this work will benefit people in many ways."

IBM said it will able to apply the technology to products with chip circuits as small as 45 nanometers starting in 2008.

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