Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Global Crossing Supports Belgacom International Carrier Services

Global Crossing was awarded a contract to support the consolidation of Belgacom ICS' existing infrastructure in continental Europe and the UK through the provision of network infrastructure, creating the foundation for a 40-Gbps capable European backbone. Specifically, Global Crossing will provide 3,000 km of dark fiber and associated colocation space connecting 36 major points of presence in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Germany, as well as wavelengths on routes that are geographically dispersed from Belgacom ICS' network.

This follows the formation in 2005 of a joint venture between the Belgian and Swiss incumbents, Belgacom SA and Swisscom Fixnet AG, to combine their international carrier businesses. Belgacom ICS is headquartered in Brussels and has offices in Bern, New York, Singapore and Dubai.