Monday, January 15, 2007

Glimmerglass Debuts New Intelligent Optical Switch

Glimmerglass announced new versions of its Intelligent Optical Switch family with new features designed to facilitate remotely and automatically creating, monitoring and protecting fiber connections. The platform is optimized for carrier and government mission-critical customers.

The new version delivers fully non-blocking transparent connectivity in a 3.5-inch (2U) package that houses as many as 190 fibers and a 7-inch (4U) package that supports as many as 380 fibers. The company also announced a new switch management console -- enabling centralized management of fiber infrastructure throughout a network.

Glimmerglass' Release 4.0 enables remote management of multiple complex fiber plant locations. For the first time, network administrators can monitor traffic and optical performance throughout their network, detect and isolate failed connections and configure automatic fail-over paths to route-around broken fibers or problematic line interface electronics from a central location. Other enhancements include additional redundancy and alarm-management options.

The new management console enables multiple Glimmerglass switches to be linked and managed with a single control interface.

"As optical fiber deployments continue to grow, carriers face rapidly escalating costs associated with the employment of skilled network technicians to create, monitor and protect fiber optic connections in a complex fiber plant," said Robert Lundy, CEO and president of Glimmerglass.


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