Wednesday, January 17, 2007

France Telecom Unifies its Global R&D into Orange Labs Network

France Telecom has unified its global R&D activities under the banner of Orange Labs network.

The Orange Labs network includes the 15 R&D laboratories in 7 countries (France, China, Japan, South Korea, United States, United Kingdom and Poland): each R&D site is integrated into its own geographic ecosystem, enabling it to leverage the technological advances and evolving user habits around the world. The network also integrates the Technocentre based in Chatillon and the Explocentre in Paris, which operate as nerve centers for all new products or services.

The company said it plans to expand its role within high-growth environments such as social networks and virtual blog communities by giving users the resources.

"In 2006 we grouped our products and services together under the Orange banner in order to guarantee a unique experience based on convenience and simplicity to our clients," said Didier Lombard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of France Telecom.

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