Sunday, January 21, 2007

Firetide Debuts Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Mesh Nodes with Dual Radio Backhaul

Firetide introduced its new HotPort 6000 indoor and outdoor mesh nodes featuring a dual radio backhaul capability that delivers up to 70 Mbps. Target applications include municipal deployments, video surveillance, industrial, and transportation networks. Multiple radio configuration options increase the overall reliability, capacity and scalability of wireless mesh networks.

The HotPort 6000 mesh nodes feature high powered radios that support both licensed and unlicensed bands eliminating the need to purchase and install separate radios for each spectrum. Bandwidth for both radios can be combined to provide 70 Mbps throughput for "fat" point-to-point backhaul links or for high resolution video surveillance networks. The radios can also be set to deliver a sustained 35 Mbps bandwidth across an unlimited number of hops if a multi-hop or linear network topology is required.

To support the dual radio capability, Firetide enhanced its mesh software to provide intelligent bandwidth optimization for the dual radios. Firetide said it has multiple patents on the technology that controls traffic on the dual radio backhaul, including patents for radio packet switching, topology balancing, and radio channel allocation.

For Wi-Fi access, customers can connect Firetide HotPoint access points directly to the HotPoint 6000 enclosures. Firetide uses separate enclosures and processors for its mesh nodes and access points to maintain modularity and to ensure mesh performance remains unaffected whenever access points are used.

Like Firetide's HotPoint access point product lines, the HotPort 6000 mesh nodes are available in both indoor and outdoor models to ensure a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. Lower cost single radio versions of the mesh nodes are also available and are fully compatible with the dual radio models.

Firetide's HotPort 6000 mesh nodes will be available for delivery by March 1.