Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ellacoya Rolls Out Carrier-class 20 Gbps Deep Packet Inspection

Ellacoya Networks unveiled its fourth-generation platform for wireline and wireless service providers -- a line-rate, deep packet inspection (DPI) system that operates at up to 20 Gbps speeds and is capable of supporting up to 500,000 active subscribers. Previous platforms from Ellacoya scaled to 4 Gbps and up to 64,000 subscribers.

The new FPGA-based Ellacoya e100 platform enables the network operator to identify and manage each packet of network traffic dynamically as it crosses the wire. Traffic can be inspected by subscriber, service type, time-of-day, and other criteria. Combined with Ellacoya's software, the system can provide granular reports on network usage, such as which subscribers are using the most bandwidth, which applications are consuming the greatest resources, or which subscribers are using applications such as Skype.

The platform also enables the provider to manage traffic dynamically, identity and prevent network threats, and provide the basis for quota management, differentiated service plans and quality-assured premium services (IPTV, VoIP, streaming video).

Ellacoya said its broadband service optimization solution allows service providers to classify and manage advanced applications, such as Bit Torrent and Skype. Ellacoya identifies applications through signatures in the data packet and through traffic-pattern analysis. The e100 adds more granular application detection to identify applications within applications; for example streaming video, VoIP and gaming can be detected within a Web (HTTP) download.

The new Ellacoya e100 platform is currently in trials and will be commercially available in March 2007.

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