Tuesday, January 9, 2007

DIRECTV HD DVR Gains Intel Viiv Certification

The DIRECTV Plus HD DVR has been verified with Intel Viiv technology. The DIRECTV Plus HD DVR is the world's first digital set-top box with integrated DMA functionality. DIRECTV customers who have a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR can now access their pictures and music on their TVs directly from Intel Viiv technology-based PCs.

The company said it is now the largest supplier of Viiv-verified digital media adapters (DMAs).

Later this year, DIRECTV plans to enhance the photo and music experience, as well as provide the ability to stream video from Intel Viiv technology-based PCs via DIRECTV Plus HD DVRs.

The DIRECTV Plus HD DVR receiver provides the ability to record and view 200 hours of standard definition content or 50 hours of MPEG 4 high-definition programming.