Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Convergin Launches IPTV-Ready Service Control and Interaction SCIM Solution

Convergin introduced its Accolade WCS Service Capability Interaction Management (SCIM) product for integrating IPTV and telecom services into converged networks.

As a SCIM platform, the Accolade WCS coordinates and unifies the orchestration and interaction of services from various application servers. With its new IPTV capabilities, Accolade WCS now extends the service orchestration to incorporate headend servers alongside SIP application servers and other service platforms. Thus, video services such as Video on Demand (VoD) and broadcast media streaming, can be delivered in coordination with voice and data services over an access network (e.g. 2G/3G, fixed, cable, Wi-Fi) and a variety of session/call control and switching technologies. Unified service interaction and control throughout an operator's entire service offering generates a greater quality of experience (QoE) for the end-user combining media, telephony and other communication and value added services.

Convergin's Accolade platform also allows SIP and IMS platforms to issue SIP queries towards legacy wireline AIN/INAP services, enabling operators' SS7 services to be delivered to the SS7/TDM switches as well as to next generation softswitches and IMS/SIP CSCFs. Convergin said its SCIM platform not only enable SIP access to existing legacy SCP-based services, but can also control the access to those services from various switching platforms and service providers.


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