Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Broadcom Debuts Digital Cable Set-Top Box System-on-a-Chip

Broadcom introduced a digital cable set-top box chip that includes support for DOCSIS/EURDOCSIS 2.0 cable modem specifications, as well as downstream channel bonding compatible with the upcoming DOCSIS 3.0 specification. Downstream channel bonding combines several DOCSIS channels together to significantly increase data rates, thereby enabling IP videos services by the cable operator.

Video compression support on the new BCM7118 chip includes advanced video coding (AVC) MPEG-4, part 10, VC-1 (the SMPTE standard), and MPEG-2.

The BCM7118 also features an integrated Broadcom secure processor (BSP), which provides very sophisticated security features to protect high-value content and to prevent set-top box tampering.

Broadcom said its BCM7118 integrates hardware and software that performs content security functions in a highly protected environment on-chip, effectively providing a tamper proof barrier for video and audio content. Each chip is programmed by Broadcom with a permanent unique identification and configuration that forms the foundation for specific conditional access systems, decryption key processing, key management and system protection that includes the forthcoming downloadable security system.

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