Sunday, October 15, 2006

Juniper Releases Load Balancers, WAN Accelerators, Enterprise Core Router

Juniper Networks introduced a set of new enterprise data center products, including WAN application acceleration platforms, load balancers and a new M120 enterprise core router.

The new WXC 590 WAN acceleration platform, which is based on technology acquired from Peribit, is designed for data center consolidation, web-enablement of applications, data replication and backup, implementation of high availability architectures and regulatory compliance. The technology uses compression, sequence caching, latency reduction, bandwidth management, path optimization, and visibility tools to improve congested enterprise WAN links. The new WXC90 unit can be deployed in a stack configuration that can be licensed up to 155 Mbps and support up to 840 sites. It can be deployed on OC-3 links in a 3-client stack configuration supporting up to 420 remote sites, and as a single platform for 45 Mbps links supporting 140 sites.

New WAN acceleration software features include "advanced disk warming", which enables existing Network Sequence Caching to be directionally independent. Thus, as long as the WXC platform recognizes a pattern on either direction of a link, the WXC platform will achieve maximum compression via Sequence Caching when the pattern is seen on the return path.

The DX 3280 and DX 3680 data center acceleration platforms combine SSL capabilities with load balancing features for Web-enabled and IP-based business applications. Key capabilities include server load balancing (SLB), global server load balancing (GSLB), SSL encryption and termination, HTTP compression and application security. The DX platform has scaling options in both functionality and performance for any business environment.

The new M120 Enterprise Core Router, which uses the same ASICs, JUNOS operating system and WAN interfaces as the existing M-series routers, is a compact platform supporting Juniper's new Ethernet Services Cards. The MSRP starts at $73,000 and commercial availability is set for this month.
  • In April 2005, Juniper Networks agreed to acquire Peribit Networks, a developer of WAN optimization technology, for approximately $337 million in cash, stock and assumed stock options.

SK Telecom Selects Lucent's Optical Cross Connect Systems

SK Telecom, South Korea's largest wireless service provider, has selected Lucent Technologies' optical networking systems for building out the operator's intelligent backbone networks. Specifically, Lucent will deliver its next-generation optical cross connect (OXC) system, the LambdaUnite MultiService Switch (MSS), to major central offices of SK Telecom, completing the deployment by the end of December. Lucent's Optical Management System (OMS) will provide network management and provisioning capabilities for the deployment, and Lucent Worldwide Services will provide professional technical support. Financial terms were not disclosed.


Cisco Sets Up Financing Programs for Channel Partners

Cisco Systems announced new financing tools to streamline the leasing process for its channel partners serving small and medium-sized businesses, the fastest-growing segment of the voice and networking market.

Last year, Cisco Capital entered the SMB market with the introduction of EasyLease, a leasing platform that provides competitive financing solutions to complement Cisco's SMB growth initiatives. A key component of EasyLease is the @once finance tool, which initially provided fast-track credit approvals and lease pricing for transactions under $250,000. Cisco channel partners in 16 countries have already taken advantage of EasyLease to provide innovative financing solutions to their customers.

Cisco's U.S. channel partners can now use @once to generate lease documentation for transactions under $50,000. The company said its channel partners can no complete pre-sale credit applications, create a lease quote, and generate lease documentation in minutes.

Sprint to Deploy QUALCOMM's QChat Push-to-Talk on PCS Network

Sprint, which currently offers the Nextel Walkie-Talkie push-to-talk service on the Nextel National Network, expects to utilize QUALCOMM's QChat technology to extend push-to-talk services to customers on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network, as well as provide interoperable push-to-talk services between users on both networks. QChat, which is optimized for CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A wireless networks, aims to deliver call set-up latency of less than one second between handsets.

Sprint also selected Lucent Technologies to develop software and infrastructure necessary to enable the new services to work throughout Sprint's CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A network. In addition, Lucent Services is providing program management, end-to-end multi-vendor network integration, testing, operational readiness and deployment services to implement QChat.


Pulse~LINK Demos 1394 and Ethernet Over Coax

Pulse~LINK is demonstrating high data rate HD video transmissions using both 1394 (Firewire/iLink) and Ethernet simultaneously over the same coaxial cable. The demo at this week's Connected@Home conference in San Diego features Pulse~LINK's CWave chipset implemented in Mini-PCI card form.

The company said its ability to seamlessly merge both Coax and Wireless connections into one hybrid network using the same chipset addresses many shortcomings of other technologies, such as reliable coverage, security, Quality of Service and throughput limitations.

Pulse~Link claims to deliver over 400Mbps of application layer throughput available across hundreds of feet of consumer grade RG59 coax, including consumer grade cable splitters, varying cable lengths and un-terminated coax stubs.

NTT West Plans Wireless Mesh Across 100 Japanese Cities

NTT West announced a multi-service wireless mesh network service for over 100 of Japan's cities to cover the population of over 50 million using Strix Access/One Network Outdoor Wireless System (OWS) and Indoor Wireless System (IWS). Financial terms were not disclosed.

The networks will be used for broadband wireless voice, video, and data services primarily to corporate enterprise and municipalities in Japan. In addition, the Strix solution will be used for public safety and emergency services and related applications.

Atheros Powers La "Fonera" Routers

FON, a global Wi-Fi sharing community , has introduced a Social Routers featuring Atheros' single-chip 802.11b/g router solution. There are nearly 100,000 Foneros worldwide. By the end of 2007, that number is estimated to reach 1 million, according to FON. The company's Wi-Fi community enables Foneros to provide a network of free (or very low cost access) hotspots where they are needed.

PCCW Global Deploys Atreus' IP Service Provisioning

PCCW Global has launched Atreus' IP Service Provisioning Platform to activate IP Centrex applications for their reseller channels located in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and the EMEA region.

The Atreus platform enables PCCW Global to seamlessly provision resellers and offer differentiated IP centrex and TDM trunk replacement offerings through automated provisioning and re-brandable self-service portals in multiple languages.

Verizon Combines Home and Wireless Features

Verizon announced a "Complete Freedom" package that combines voice mail systems and other features between Verizon home phones and Verizon Wireless phones. Calling between the Verizon home phone and the family's Verizon Wireless handsets will not be charged against wireless airtime allowances. Customers will also get OnePoint Voice Mail with wireless notification. The wireless notification feature automatically sends a text message to the Verizon Wireless handsets when a voice mail is left either at the Verizon home or Verizon Wireless numbers; there is only one mailbox to check. Billing for all services is integrated on Verizon's ONE-BILL

SaskTel Deploys HD over IPTV with Alcatel

SaskTel will add HD service to its IPTV offering using MPEG 4. The HD service rollout is enabled by Alcatel's IPTV software development and services integration capabilities. These capabilities complement Alcatel's Triple Play Service Delivery Architecture (TPSDA), which includes the Alcatel 7750 Service Router, 7450 Ethernet Service Switch, and 7330 ISAM fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) platforms. The Alcatel 5620 Service Aware Manager and 5526 Access Management System provide management for the TPSDA network.