Thursday, June 29, 2006

MERA's Softswitch Supports Voice Peering Fabric's ENUM Registry Lookup

MERA Systems' next generation MVTS II (MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch II) will support various options for a carrier to send requests to ENUM registries, analyze the responses and use information received to take optimal routing decisions for each particular call.

In particular, MERA Systems is working with Stealth Communications' Voice Peering Fabric to deliver an effective routing solution with integrated ENUM lookup capabilities.

Voice Peering Fabric (VPF) functions as an exchange or meet-point and is designed as a private voice Internet, allowing its members to establish peer-to-peer connections and exchange VoIP traffic and telephony related services in a secure, quality-of-service environment. VPF ENUM Registry will make it possible for participating carriers to route VoIP calls end-to-end through IP networks, thus avoiding PSTN charges.

Located in 9 U.S. cities and London, the Voice Peering Fabric has become the preferred peering platform and marketplace for Service Providers, Enterprises, and Government Agencies. In 2005, traffic on the VPF reached over 18 billion minutes and is expected to exceed 80 billion minutes in 2006.

Alcatel to Build 320 Gbps Cable Linking France and Morocco

Maroc Telecom, the leading telecommunication operator in Morocco, selected Alcatel to build a submarine cable network linking Morocco and France. The project, named Atlas Offshore and valued at EUR 26 million, will span more than 1,600 km between Marseille in France and Asilah in Morocco. Once completed in early 2007, it will enable Maroc Telecom to handle the increasing number of DSL subscribers by leveraging enhanced connectivity and broadband access capabilities.

Furthermore, it will create a new traffic route offering an alternative path to the existing 3,200 km Eurafrica submarine system linking France, Morocco and Portugal. The 320 Gbps capacity offered by the Marseille-Asilah connection will be 570 times higher than the one delivered by the Eurafrica submarine network.

Mexico's Multimedios Redes Selects Siemens VoCable

Multimedios Redes, a leading cable TV operator in Mexico, has commissioned Siemens Communications to supply its voice-over-cable (VoCable) solution. Multimedios Redes intends to deploy the solution in the Monterrey metropolitan area, where it will provide its customers with the new applications -- video calling, online gaming and video monitoring. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The Siemens "Voice-over-Cable" solution runs on the Surpass HiQ 8000 and Surpass HiQ 4200 platforms.


Redback Receives Subpoena on Option Grants

Redback Networks received a subpoena from the United States Attorney for the Northern District of California requesting documents related to the Company's historical stock option practices. Redback intends to cooperate fully with the U.S. Attorney's Office in connection with this subpoena.

The company also confirmed that it received an informal request from the Securities and Exchange Commission for information on historical stock option grant practices.

Italy's Fastweb Selects Alcatel Optical Gear

Alcatel was awarded a multi million EUR contract by Italy's Fastweb to supply its convergent Optical Multi-Service Node (OMSN) systems and 1678 Metro Core Connect (MCC). The new equipment will be managed by the existing Alcatel 1350 management suite, a portfolio of applications to manage packet, TDM and wavelength connectivity services.

Fastweb was selected by Consip as provider for fixed voice services and IP connectivity for the Italian public administration. Alcatel's solution will enable Fastweb to dramatically enhance its network capacity and support the increased traffic loads driven by this new project for central and local public administration.

Space Systems/Loral Selected to Build New Satellite for EchoStar

EchoStar Communications selected Space Systems/Loral to build a 1300-series satellite. This new order from EchoStar is one of four satellite contracts awarded to Space Systems/Loral to date in 2006.

EchoStar currently serves more than 12.2 million satellite TV customers through its DISH Network.